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Starting to get worried



As the days go on right now, I am getting more and more worried that cushings is making a comeback. Little things are happening that ultimately get me thinking...I am getting more and more exhausted and just want to sleep, dark hairs have started to appear in places that I had dark hairs grow with cushings...I have been getting more headaces and the facial plethora is having a field day...my knee keeps giving way and I can't walk that far without getting pain and feelign tired...I seem to have some brain fog too, clumsy, forgetting things...I am still waiting for the MRI appointment to come through - it is supposed to be brought forward then Dr Gurnell will be looking at the whole picture, MRI, tests etc and then try to make some sense of it all. Could be low GH, need extra doses of hydrocortisone...its not diabetes as my sugars are controlled although at the higher end of the normal range right now, its not my thyroid as my thyroxine is holding that steady...I just don;t know anymore.The thought of cushings returning will be devestating - I reall don't know if I could face it all again...I know I would still have the inner strength to get through it but whether my family could survive another round, I don;t know. Till then I just live in hope that I am OK.My friend Donna emailed me today. We met after my pit surgery. She is only a year younger than me but has been through so much. She had a shunt in her heart and got infected and she had to have it removed, spent several months in hospiatl, she has had things going on with her brain for years and she is such an inspirationa dn such a beautiful person. I know if she has the strength then I will too. There is always someone that has it worse then yourself so it is hard to say how terrible my life is when I know I have my family with me and I am still mobile.Well, not much has happened today. Posted my christmas cards, early I know, but just wanted to get them off and out of the way. Harry and I did some crafts today with glitter and made book marks with eyes and feathers - it was fun. Boy, I am so exhausted, I think it'll be a hot chocolate and an early night for me...where are my slippers... :spudniksurgeon:


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