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Oh what a day!



I went to the house to pick up some more things today. Went through all the post - it's not looking good. If we don't get the bankruptcy sorted out soon then we will have our house repossessed - we have also had a notification that the car will be repossessed. I am not too bothered about the car but we need to get the house sols. I am so upset. We will get in touch with the mortgage company to see if we can sort it all out. I am just getting so tired of all this now...it is really taking its toll and I don't know how much more I can take right now...my head is just killing me with all of the stress. We just can't find the money from anywhere so I just don;t know what we are going to do. We sold so much stuff that we haven't got a great deal left to sell. I wish miracles would happen because right now I need a big one.


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