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Not sure what to do anymore...



Its 8:20am and I am all out of sorts, don't know if I am coming or going really. Yesterday was very hard...I still feel I am on those sidelines watching my life go by and not having much control over anything...things just seem to be slipping away right now and I am really scared. Yesterday, I tried to give myself a pep talk - I used to do this when I had cushings, give myself words of encouragement to kick myself up the bum...slef-motivation is the word for it...lol!! I was determined to take a grip of the situation and write a list of all of my objectives and tackle one by one and get control of all of this mess - clear my head...today I have wained a little.Steve is emailing me his appraisal to go through and re-write for him and then I have to focus all my energies on preparing for my interview tomorrow - I am nervous, but excited too. I really hope I do well as I could really do with a major break in my life right now.2:00pm I have just uploaded several new photos in my album and can be viewed in the members gallery. I am so, so tired and hope this lack of energy doesn't lead into tomorrow. I have no oomph left in me...completely zapped. I need to go through Steves appraisal notes and then prepare myself for tomorrow. I still haven't sorted out what I am going to wear. Oh decisions, decisions :spudniksurgeon:


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