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Still no news...



I know - 2 weeks they said - but I wish I could get an answer. tearing my hair out trying to sort out our old house, the bankruptcy, Harry's childcare, Mum's problems, Steves concerns - I desperately need my own space and I just want to scream....!!! It was breaking point on Sunday and I just wanted to climb into bed and be on my own, but no chance. Monday went by like a flash - Steve did some home cooking with Harry, making the mincemeat for our mince pies and then he is trying to get back into cooking again so did us a lovely dinner. However I over indulged and ended up being as sick as a dog during the night. Have now vowed to do something about this damn weight, for good and stop dilly dallying around...got back on my Mums exerciser today and have stuck to a strict menu plan today...just another half a day to go....with everything going on in my life right now I just have the no willpower. Getting very depressed over the money situation too...Christmas is going to be tough this year. However I am of the mind that I just want to be with my family, have a good dinner, a few drinks and a really good laugh...I just hate the pressure I get from everyone else that we have to buy presents and it is all about materialistic things...I just haven't got the money to spend out on gifts - I know Harry would just be content with anything that is a surprise and its not as if we have much room here to put much more. I just hate all this at Christmas as it just spoils all of the festive cheer we should be experiencing. Bah Humbug... :glare: My Mum has bought tickets for me to go out with her on one of her work functions at the weekend...tactfully saying to me that I don't get out...Steve is fed up because he can't go as its ladies only...I haven't been out for so long on an evening function that I wouldn't have a clue let alone be able to drink at all! My Aunt is going too so at least we can have a laugh together. God knows what I am going to wear - I feel like the back of a bus right now...oh god, I need to seriously cheer up!! :)


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