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I'm feeling Ok today apart from this continuous thirst I keep having. I am drinking so much and my mouth is always dry???


I received Sherry's beautiful bracelets through the post today which was a nice surprise. I bought one for Mum too which I am sure she will love.


The weekend was a quite one. I spent yesterday immersed in a James Patterson Book '4th of July' which has been one of those can't put it down books. Nearly finished it. Steve cooked a gorgeous dinner yesterday. Harry now has a character on everquest, so Steve's got him hooked...bad news!!


We have noticed that we have a little blackbird that has nested in our ivy - the babies chirp all day and all night, but it is cute seeing the blackbird collecting moss for its nest.


I'm not doing much today. Need to do some speech therapy with Harry. We also might make some home made cards today.


4:40pm - I just have no motivation today - I am feeling incredibly low again, very tearful and not wanting to do much at all. I wish I could kick myself up the bum but I just want to hide away and sleep. I'm just really not having a good time of it. For some reason right now I just feel like I am letting everyone down. Just weighed myself too, thought I'd lost 3lbs but no back up to 18stone 10 lbs again..gggrrrr...oh well, I'll just go and throw myself the biggest pity party until I get over myself...


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