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Feeling rough again



Woke up with no energy, muscles are just aching so much. My lips feel numb. I head feels heavy. Had continuous headaches last night. I just feel like I need to lie down and sleep today, I just feel drained. My cheeks are burning too. I just don't feel right at all. Is this me getting better....??


I am glad now that I decided to defer my studies. I really don't know how I would have been able to manage them right now. To think that my Doctors recommended I would be fine after 8 weeks. i really do think these timings need to be revised - are they that realistic for recovery - I am not sure? Perhaps in patients with just pituitary problems, but not for patients who have Pituitary Cushings - I am sure there must be a big difference in recovery.


My little boy wanted to go out this morning, my aunt bought him some clothes yesterday and he got all dressed up by himself this morning, made his packed lunch and declared he was going to 'boy's work' - he wanted to be just like his Nan and his Daddy - he was all ready to walk out the front door with his Daddy. It broke my heart when I had to tell him he couldn't and I feel so ill right now that I can't even manage to take him out for a walk. He cried his heart out. Oh, I hate this damn disease sometimes...stops you from doing even the simplest things, great now my back is hurting again. I still haven't been down the Doctors. Right now, I just can't face the walk. I will just wait until my appointment next week, if I feel any worst between now and then, I'll figure something out.


It's supposed to be a really sunny morning and then we have thundery showers this afternoon and rain at the weekend. Typical!


I wish this phase of recovery would be over with, if that is what it is - I hope it isn't anything I should worry about. Mum asked me the other day if I still had Cushings - my cheeks were burning bright and she looked so worried - I just couldn't answer her - I just don't know myself, I am so confused.



7:00pm - Thought I'd post this evening to say after a few hours sleep I am feeling a bit better - still got headaches and a little achy but much better then this morning/afternoon. Mum took Harry out and gave me a well earned break. She's also taken him for a long walk this evening - its a beautiful day here - he'll be very tired when he gets back


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