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Long Time No Speak



It's been a while since I blogged, and a lot has happened since I last did. I went to see a wonderful endo. He was cautious, insisting that Cushing's is rare, and while he does a lot of tests for it, he rarely finds it. Nevertheless, he admits that nothing else explains my illness and there is no point in discussing what else it might be until we are sure it isn't Cushing's. The tests were in May. I'm still waiting for the results... If nothing else, this ordeal is teaching me to be patient.

I was signed off work sick on 22nd May, and haven't been back since. It is such a relief. I still feel ill, but I have a little bit of me back. I can smile and laugh again. I have the energy to go for walks, to clean a little, to spend time with Matt. I hadn't realised just how bad things had got until I stopped. When I did, I slept almost non stop for three days! I had no quality of life whatsoever. I know there are people expecting me to return end of August, but I don't see how I can, unless I have found some kind of miracle by then.

My next appointment with the endo isn't until 7th August, which seems an age away, but there is nothing to do but wait. I am almost glad it's a little way off if I'm being honest. I'm scared it is Cushing's, I'm scared it isn't. I just don't know what I want any more...


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