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Trying to be upbeat



It seems I only ever seem to write anything in here when I'm feeling down, so I thought I would write a quick update today while I am feeling relatively upbeat. Life is ok at the minute. Being off work has allowed me to relax a little, and I feel less tired and worn out than before, although I still have my bad days. It is getting to where I can't walk any distance at all without having to rest a while, and they can't blame the fact that this is getting worse on my weight, because I'm not getting any bigger. It is getting easier to fit my life around the illness though. I accept my limitations, and arrange my activities around these. It just gets harder when the boundaries close in on me. I hope the doctors recognise this before the walls get too close.


Anyway, this was supposed to be a positive, upbeat entry, so I will talk more about the good things in my life. Matthew is wonderful. He gets me through from day to day. He looks after me, cares for me and supports me. I also have my mum and my sister who I know love me very much, even if they struggle to understand. I am lucky, I know, to have people in my life who love me unconditionally like this.


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