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Blogs Overload!



July 22, 2008:


These 3 blogs were all hit by my hacker a few weeks ago.


The new Cushing's blog is http://cushingshelp.blogspot.com/


The new Barbados blog is http://beautiful-barbados.blogspot.com/


The new music studio blog is http://oconnor-music.blogspot.com/


I'm hoping by hosting these through Blogger instead of on my own server they won't be vulnerable to hackers anymore.



Original post:


I spent the last couple days making a new blog - actually 3 of them, none what I intended.


It was my idea to start a blog for people who updated their bios often so I set about looking at blog skins. I liked one of the tropical ocean so much that I decided to make one for our Barbados vacations. I already had a website that grew out of my posting info for guests who would come to stay with us.


The new Bajan Blog is at http://barbados-crane.com/blog/


Then it occurred to me that maybe I could attach one to my site for my music studio where students/parents could ask questions. And http://oconnormusicstudio.com/blog/ was born.


Finally, I got back to the Cushing's one...and decided to use it for me. I renamed it Cushing's, Cancer & Music since those are the main components of my life these days. That one is at http://cushings-info.com/blog/


Feel free to check any, all or none out and comment if you want. Now I hope I have enough to say to keep these going! LOL

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  • Chief Cushie

I was telling my counsellor about this new project on Wed and now I've set up one for her, too. There's no real info on it yet because she's going to do that, but I did the layout and stuff. I even got her a theme with frogs on it, because she collects those :) Somehow, I don't think she'll use that one!


Anyway, if you just want to see the barebones thing, it's at http://www.louargow.com/ or maybe when you get there, she'll have put some real stuff up.

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