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Dr. appointment




I just need to get a little off of my mind at the moment. I just finished watching a show on tv. It's one of my favorites. Where the people and doctors don't know what the person has wrong with them and it seems to take years to find out.(mystery diagnosis) The woman had noncongenital adrenal hyperplasia, which has similar symptoms to cushing's it was a good program.. I really hate having to be an advocate for myself sometimes, but nobody else is going to do it right? I need to make an appointment to go get a refill on my anxiety med. I just am nervous, go figure, about what i'm going to say. I might just take in the results of my dex suppress. test again and my information I've gathered and make him look at it again. If I take it into him every time I go for the next couple of years maybe he might listen to me. I have a few more symptoms of something lately anyway. Now I've been having chest pains, and increased appetite. I forgot to mention to him about my nausea. and vertigo. I am not sure what to say but I'll definetly say something to him to make him listen. I think if I am persistent it will pay off. Even though he brushed the information off the first time I do like my Dr.. :( Bye guys.


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