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Well they found me a bed yesterday afternoon. I actually slept last nigh and had about a half an hour of plain speech before I couldn't talk right again.


Well, the EEG technician came in and spoke with me. He did not see any evidence of a seizure but tonight we are not going to be taking the Tegretol and see if it comes out different.


He had an idea of what it could be. He said you can have a stroke so small it doesn't get detected on an MRI but if it hits the right area of the brain can cause major damage or you can have a big one that don't cause as much damage and is easy to detect. So the theory at the moment is stroke. He also said speech therapy will do me good. I may be able to retrain my brain to speak.


He was very friendly and informative.


I am still pushing my doctor for more tests.


That's all I know for now.


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