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My first blog

Mom first


Well today is my first blog ever! I used to write in journals but this may be fun. So it is Monday, October 12, 2009 and I am hoping to get my MRI results from Saturday today. The part of this Cushings I hate the absolute most is the testing. Waiting. Not my forte. Well, of course, I also hate the fluctuating weight and trying to explain that no, I really haven't been eating bon bons all day and no, I haven't been on a diet when the pedulum swings the opposite way. Of course, the weight loss numbers and the weight gain numbers never match and so the pounds slowly creep up month by month.


My transphenoidal surgery in 2004 was not successful so I underwent Cyberknife in April of 2009. It is looking unsuccessful as well......thus the waiting game right now.


So for today, I am going to be thankful for the fact that I can breathe, thankful that I have been blessed with two children before this disease struck, thankful that I have a supportive husband and wonderful friends that listen to me complain.....ALOT....and I will be thankful that I have found a new way to chart my course. Hopefully, it will give someone a little humor at times and give me a way to vent!


Now I am off to the adventures that await me today!


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