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Sunday Feb 21, 2010



Well i am taking 20mg hydro in the AM and 15 hydro in the evening now. So far so good. taking ibuprofen for stiffness and soreness, and lorazepam to rest.

I was taking some hydrocodone for pain but honestly, it makes me feel worse than why i am taking it. Ibuprofen does just fine.

I still get dried out alot, needs lots to drink. My bp is great, and pulse is now staying under 100.

Still having issues with blood sugar but will work on that next.

I slept well last night, despite the soreness from turning over. And had an hour nap today. Much better.

Even though when I woke up this morning I was feeling so bad wondered if hubby should take me back to the hospital? Endured the day and it actually was not as bad as it initially started.

I am to go back to work March 1st. I hope this week proves to be a magical week and I feel like gangbustgers to go back ..... i really have no choice in this, I must go back or lose a weeks vacation in march, and lose my company paying my health insurance for march.

Feb paycheck is already going to be short by a week and half. So you see my problem. Gotta get better FAST.

Have an appt with endo on Thursday. We shall see what they have to say.

I am 12 days post of but my left side of my chest/lung feels sore alot. especially when I take a deep breath. is this normal? i did have a left adrenalectomy.


Anyone have any input please let me know.


Thank you.

Renata :)


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