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April 29 2010 - 11 weeks post op



Well once again its been a while since I posted. :)


Now I am feeling better. Not there yet but definately better. I still have some aches especially in the morning when I get up. My right arm feels like I have carpral tunnel, my two fingers keep falling asleep. I sleep at night with an arm brace and take it off in the daytime. I believe it is getting better. I also have tennis elbow, and that started acting up, but I know not to pick up heavy things until the pain subsides.


I stopped taking ibuprofen, because it too was an anti inflammatory and I did want my body to heal on its own. So far so good.

My legs started swelling and my bp started to rise. I spoke with the mother of that has a cushings daughter and she said when she took any type of antacid prescription it made her bp rise also.

I have taken Aciphex for about almost a year. In the beginning Aciphex was the only prescription that would make my lower legs swell minimally and I had forgotten that.


So I stopped taking the Aciphex about three weeks ago, and my bp is normally 127/78!!!! I was so happy, and no swelling in the legs. It had been so high the doctors gave me two types of high blood pressure medicine none of which I ever took.


I still have a relatively high pulse, it is usually in the high 90s, but there is stress in my life right now so I attribute it to that.

My blood sugar used to be in the low 200s, I am insulin resistant. Once again they wanted me on Metformin, and I wanted to try to tackle each of these problems one by one, as I did the blood pressure.


Well I found out that by not eating I was not losing weight. I never ate much before the surgery, and now I do not still. So from the advice of a diabetic dietician, I started to eat small snacks, high fiber, throughout the day. I still need to eat more and more often but I am working my way there. Everytime I snack healthily throughout the day, the scales start to go down...so far I have lost 12 lbs.


I try to eat high fiber, good fats, and protein. It seems to be working if I can keep up the eating. I am starting to get small pangs of hunger, and that is when I eat a small snack. I am lactose intolerant, gluten is bad for me, as well as casein. I do not drink milk, or eat bread...yet! I am hoping one day I will be able to eat those again. I take aloe juice for my stomach ulcers, and so far so good. (no prescription antacid for me) I had to endure the rebound effect for stopping the Aciphex, but I just loaded up on Sugar Free Tums, and still have them handy just in case.


I ended up having an aversion to most foods as the pains from eating them were horrific. So I opted to not eat much at all and pre surgery was gaining weight...a cushie symptom.


However, back to my blood sugar levels...as stated previously, they were in the low 200s, it went to the 170s for a while, then to 140s, yesterday morning I tested it again and it was 135!!! So I must be doing something right. And I will continue to snack, and eat, and hopefully lose the weight and get my vitals in order...and WITHOUT MEDICINE!!!


This is just an update from me....oh, but I am still taking Lorezapam on occasion for stress, (I mentioned lots of stress in my life) and I hope to one day stop taking that too.


I am so happy to have had the surgery, and my hope is for all cushies out there to get the dx they deserve and get their "repair" so they will no longer have Cushings!


Renata :)




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