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January 27th 2007



ad69.jpg?mggoQLoC5vjNvE8VMy grown family from the period of our 25th anniversary. I thought it would be a good time to update the family photo. We celebrated a few times. Here in Charlotte with family that came in for the event, and 20+ years of friends and associates. Then we traveled up to Tidewater, to again celebrate with family and OLD friends. Then down the coast to Nags Head, to extend our stay in the coastal area and get in some deep water fishing. Harold likes to tell this story: We had planned this deep sea trip, with friends old and new, but it wasn't going to be fun unless we started catching some fish. After nearly an hour with various guys in the fighting chairs and NOTHING happening, Harold said that Flip (me) should get in the chair. Unbeknownst to the others, I have a certain "charm" with the fish. Well... less than 5 minutes in the chair, the action starts. It took several minutes to land the UGLIEST fish I ever saw, I think they called it a "wahoo". The guy's luck changed after that, and several fair sized tuna (yellow & black fin) were caught after that. I took an occasional turn, just to keep things going if there was a lull. The topper and probably the most dramatic moment was when Harold had hooked, then promptly lost within minutes of struggle, a blue marlin. It surfaced, danced, and shook off the hook, too fast to get the camera focused and the moment captured. Ah well.


370882494_bdb70665da_m.jpg The Good Luck Charm

370882493_8de2754a1a_m.jpg The Gang & The Prize Bill Oss (Newport News VA), Zach Shuford, Harold, Bert Shuford (CLT NC), Flip

You can see I am a little heavy here (on the right), compared to an average weight of 135 - 142 in the years before. In 2002, I noticed I was starting to get a little plump in the waist. I was having to get looser pants and then larger sizes. In 2003-2004, I went from a loose fitting 14 to a tight 18. Then all kinds of other stuff started happening, to add to my already growing list of medical complaints.

More later...



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