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What is Cushings? & My experience with it



What is Cushing's Syndrome? Cushing's syndrome refers to the physical and emotional difficulties caused by an elevated cortisol level. Features of excess cortisol include weight gain , especially centrally, fatigue , easy bruisability , excess hair growth (termed hirsutism ), susceptibility to infection, depression, menstrual irregularities in women , decreased libido and erectile dysfunction in men, high blood pressure , diabetes , and weak and brittle bones (osteoporosis). Many of these are non-specific, meaning that people who have them usually do not have Cushing's syndrome. Most patients who do have Cushing's syndrome have some, but not all, of these features. There is a characteristic appearance in many patients who have excess cortisol which includes a round, reddened face , excess fat pad in the back of the neck ("buffalo hump"), excess fat in the collarbone area, central weight gain, primarily in the abdomen , with relative thinning of the arms and legs, and abdominal stretch marks. In the majority of cases, it can be cured, with improvement in all of these features.


see http://pituitary.mgh.harvard.edu/CushingsSyndrome.htm for more....


My emotions did get wacked out in that I couldn't tolerate stress as well as I used to in my working environment. My weight gain also included water retention. That round face was exaggerated in the morning (with my eyes being slits some mornings), then the fluid would drift down to my feet during the day. When I experienced any kind of injury, it took longer and longer for the tissue to heal, bruising or scratches.




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