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is it cushings ?



I felt like I needed to contact you as I am at wits end!

The problem is I live in Tasmania, (the little island under Australia) and most of Drs and Specialists have never seen a lot of rarer conditions.

I had been a very active when younger, dancing teacher, two jobs, study ect. I was on top of the world.

Then at 32 I tried to fall pregnant, had a little trouble, but finally fell a year later,

But before that I always had a funny cycle, and very heavy, after my son was born I heremerged and had a pap with "unusual" results?, so the Doctor suggested I have a hysterectomy.

Three days later I was back in hospital with septerseama, and collapsed veins.

That is where it all started! And that was 17 years ago; it is my 50th Birthday today.

Ok: here we go,

I have been diagnosed with: Lupus. Fibromyalgia. Serve depression, OCD, sinus infections, Diverticulitis, Ulcerated Bowel, Various veins, Obesity, Zinc poisoning, ?the change? lol Cluster migraines. Fatty and Cysts on my Liver and kidneys (UN remarkable) and lots more that I can?t remember.

So many blood tests, mostly coming back normal. Don?t have high blood pressure or diabetics.

I have been constantly tested for thyroid, all normal.( my mother suffered with thyroid and gautia)

One Dr told me I drank too much!!!! I DONT DRINK.

Then I had my gall bladder removed.

I suffered with pain just below my rib cage with swelling for years, I went from Dr to Dr and was given blood tests, pain relief, Antibiotics and patted on the head and told it was a Women?s Thing

Finally one day I was so weak and in so much pain I couldn?t get out of bed, my friend took me to the emergency dept, and they found a Kidney stone, they had to remove it surgically, as it had been lodge in my Kidney Tube for so long, I was in Hospital for 5 days, and the Dr commented that if it had been left longer I could has lost that kidney altogether,

I change Drs once again.

Then finally I decided to stick to one Dr, and remarked to him I would not leave until he found out what was wrong.

Again Blood tests all normal (AGAIN), He told me that after all the testing I was perfectly well, overweight but well.


Then I came across your site. Cushing?s syndrome A eureka moment

The photos were like looking at me!


So with this information and photos I present this to the Dr and asked for the test,

He sent me for it, but I only had to take a low dosage of dexamethasone suppression test at 11 o?clock at night and had my bloods taken at 9.30 the next morning.

It came back as 42, and the Dr said that average is 50 so I was normal range thus I didn?t have Cushing?s, although he did say I had all the characteristics and body stature of the disease.

I?m at the end of my rope....

Do I change Drs AGAIN or do I ask him to send me somewhere else?

I am happy to send you photos.

I would appreciate any suggestions you could make.

Thanks for your time, I pray every day for answers.

Thank you for your wonderful site.

Hope to hear from you soon, Please.


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