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Always something!


I woke up last night with numb tingly wrist and ring finger.  In the last few days, I've had to move my watch band out a notch.

I've been on Omnitrope .3 growth hormone for a couple months and just finished my second cartridge.  Emailed Dr. Salvatori for advice.

A couple weeks ago it felt like my wisdom tooth lower left was coming in and I generally felt like something was happening with my jaw.  That's evened out now.

Naturally, my second shipment (2 more cartridges) just came, along with their co-pay, so I hope I don't have to throw any of that away.

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I had to start on .2 every other day at first and then work up to .3--alternating between .2 and .3 every other day. I did that because I started getting carpal tunnel-type pains and tingly hands. If I were you I would stop the GH for two or three days and then resume, alternating between . 2 and .3 for a while (hopefully you can adjust the dose downward). I use that strategy whenever I am slated to increase the dose--always alternating-- I'll  do two or three days on the same dose and then one day on the higher dose for a few weeks--then move to every other day for a few weeks, then finally doing the same dose every day. Getting the symptoms you describe was  a sign for me to slow down and readjust.

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