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  1. I think I will try it to see if it helps me get out of this stall. I switched to Prednisone - 2.5 a day, which is equivelent to 12.5 of hydro a day. I just take it all in the morning because I was always forgeting my second dose....hell, even now I forget it in the morning sometimes....I am so bad with meds. I just broke my tiny tiny little half a pred pill into crumbles...so I have no idea how much I'm actually getting with each peice of crumble...but we'll see how it goes.
  2. I read this this morning on Yahoo and sent it to a few people.
  3. Done! Yeah, Disease is specifically Pit tumor, Syndrome is adrenal, ectopic, etc.
  4. Yeah...each time the biggest loser starts up.
  5. Yeah, I think he was a cushie...AND... it would take a lot more research, but I may be a descendant....my british granny's maiden name was Humphries...and a co-worker big into geneology traced that name as being tied to descendants of ol' Henry. Lovely. What we need is a celebrity to come down with it...that will get this disease more publicity.
  6. I'm telling ya....there is something to it. I was just looking at some pics of Liz...and she LOOKS like my granny!! That curly red hair..hook nose...the shape of the eyes....weird. And Heather....when are you going to CALL ME!! Your going to be here in less than 2 weeks!!
  7. Hi Beth!!! ....Okay...so get this: I was thinking about this, and it got me wondering if I was possibly descended from the Tudor family....and a co-worker of mine is all into that geneology stuff. I told her about it, and in just a few minutes she was able to find a connecting with the Humphries family (my granny's maiden name) and the Tudors!! Of course, it would take a lot more work to actually pinpoint it...but that was a pretty neat start. That is so wild! And Beth, you and I have talked about Elizabeth I before, read a lot of the same books about her. In fact, I got several for my birthday last month. I have just always felt a connection to her for some reason. Of course, she didn't have kids so there wouldn't be a direct lineage...but still!!
  8. I am of english heritage....my granny that raised me was a warbride..she came over here in the 40's after marrying my grandfather. I take after her quite a bit....same auburn hair and chimpmunk cheeks. AND COME TO THINK OF IT....there are an aweful lot of chubby brits and some really red cheeks and noses. Diabetes is also very prevelent in England. HMMMMM????
  9. I've read several of her books...great writer. Interesting thought about Henry... Thanks for posting. ...but it didn't help too much to realize my measurment isn't that far off from the "truly legendary waistline and gargantuan girth."
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