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  1. Oh dear God, 35 cups of coffee? It wouldn't matter how much weight you gained, your heart would stop first! But I agree. I figured out at one point that to gain weight as quickly as I did in the beginning, I would have had to be eating about 8000 calories a day. I had been keeping track to make sure I wasn't eating too much, and maybe I missed a bit, but 8000? I couldn't possibly be missing that much! And still, the doctor just told me I was either lying or nuts. Ok, I may be nuts, but I'm not that crazy! ~LauraP
  2. I get the real rages occassionally, but a lot of the time I'm just more irritable than I used to be. I've managed to keep from breaking things in the rages so far, but give me time! A couple of years ago, my mom had sent me cookies in a package that was in the mailroom of my dorm. When the person in charge of the mailroom said that she wasn't opening it that night, I had to walk away quickly, because I really badly wanted to punch her. A few minutes later, I couldn't even figure out why it upset me so much. I hate this. ~LauraP
  3. I wondered about this, because she said that if she hadn't gotten to surgery, she only had a month to live. What was the tumor pressing on that made it that urgent? I hadn't really heard that one before ... ~LauraP
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