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  1. Radiologist said things are normal for kidnet ect.... ugh more tests,,,,, Also had an alergic reaction to the contrast yeah going to sleep no to sleep of reaction
  2. I hate barium, berry flavored my ass...... CT this afternoon
  3. so I have done more blood tests and I wait, Friday I have a CT scan to look for tumors in my abdomen. My doc seems to think it will be my kidneys or a ovarian tumor. We will see. I really dont know if I should be happy we found this or sad to be sick. Help
  4. Well i have such mixed feelings right now. this is an answer to all of the problems I have had, an answer to all the people telling me I just eat bad and that everything is just a symtom of everything else. My UFC came back as definativly high the first time. And my doctor called kind of in amazement because I do have Cushings. I find out tommarow what tests are next to figure out why, I guess one thing at a time. WOW I dont know how to take this,
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