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  1. Let's keep in touch with our similar symptoms!

  2. Don't let the info you found deter you from testing or make you think that you dont have Cushing's. Keep testing. Hildegard
  3. I found a couple websites you might enjoy. I learned a lot from both of them. I really like the first one called arupconsult. Look for the tab that says "Diagnostic Algorithum" under the topic you choose. It has a tree, that basically gives ideas on what to test for. I even found some new tests I can ask the Dr for like Metyrapone and 11-Dexcortisol to rule out some adrenal possibilites for a diagnosis. Lots of info on pituitary and Cushing's. Just click on the far left of the screen where the letters are to find a topic. This one will give you a lot of info and more if you join their site. You can suscribe to a monthy membership but I found lots of good info free http://www.uptodate....home/index.html sorry about the double post. I cant seem to delete the extra one. Had a computer glitch. Thanks!!
  4. Somebody has a birthday coming up!! Hope you are doing well!

  5. I just came across this new press release today for a possible new drug for Cushing's called Corlux. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/corcept-t...nk=MW_news_stmp
  6. That is very sad. If you come across a petition site or a way to help her let us know. Hildegard
  7. I found this today surfing the OSHU site as I am going there soon for a new MRI. Looks like they are sponsoring some intersting trials. This might be helpful for those of you that dont have insurance http://www.ohsupituitary.com/neu/research.asp
  8. check out http://www.nsf.org/ http://www.nsf.org/Certified/Dietary/Listi...p;search=SEARCH http://www.usp.org/aboutUSP/ I am taking Standard Process, available through chiropractors www.standardprocess.com I really like them. I can feel a difference. Schiff, Kirtland (Costco) were some that I found on the lists from the links that are good.
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