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  1. This is interesting about the colors of the nodules. As if we are really concerned about the color-just what it does to us. Mine by the way were bright yellow. WOW! colorful! Dr Grim from the hyperaldosteronism site said they were classic Conn's. I'm just glad they are gone. Violet
  2. Jackie, Is this type of Cushings always hereditary ( the micronodular adrenal hyperplasia)? I was told by at least 3 specialists that Cushing's was not hereditory. I have heard that MEN-1 and some kind of pigmented something or other is. Just wondering if this is just a new discovery or what? I know several of my children and grandchildren show signs of cushings. It is just too big an undertaking to seek help unless they really get sick. It's hard enough getting a diagnosis even when you are extremely sick. My pathology report was micronodular hyperplasia. Just wondering what all the other BLA ers had for path report. Sorry, I'm not making much sence. I'm very tired. Violet
  3. I've been told by someone before that the tumors were cancer but I didn't say anything. I know mine were not malignant SO are all tumors cancer and some malignant and some not malignant??? Violet
  4. That would be super if we could get a test like that. My brain is dead this morning so much of the second article went way over my head. I talked to my daughter who is a lab tech, x-ray and something else. Anyway she has worked in research labs too. I asked her about something like this and she said the pharmaceudical companies would not go for something like this because the return on something like this would not be good. But now if we cushies could develop something like this look at how many people we could help. Shall we start our own research lab? Violet
  5. Sent a message! Hope they check their facts next article before printing it. Violet
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