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  1. I agree with this 100% too. I would think that advising someone to take medications (over the counter or otherwise when we don't know the other medications or health problems of the given person) could potentially cause great harm and be the end of the boards as well.
  2. Thanks for ALL of your efforts on the newsletters, the new toolbar, the research and the many other things you do to make things easier for us Mary. I know it doesn't show often but I believe many of us are extremely grateful. I hesitated to put this post on here because other times I have posted to you I have been ludicrously accused of preferential treatment because I am your friend. I waited a few days hoping the thanks wouldn't go unsaid but then I felt I had to post because I know how bad you must feel when things you do are taken for granted. Also, can you please post an update
  3. Thanks for your post Karen. I was worried but thankfully I got through it. I hope by doing so it will help others with similar situations. Hugs, Terry
  4. Thanks for understanding what I (and others who had the same type of infection at the same time) went through Becky, it means a lot to me. I too am hoping that those who have current post-op infections will take their situations seriously. Thanks again and take care. Thanks for the comments and encouragement Mary, Robin and glandular-mass. I haven't listened to the interview, but I definitely know I won't be going into the radio business anytime soon...
  5. Thanks Lorri, I'm very nervous about doing this interview but your post gave me some much needed courage. Hugs and thank again, Terry
  6. I'm sorry that you have had to go through so much Amy. Those headaches sound terrible. When is your next appointment with your neurologist? I hope he answers all of your questions and I also hope you get some resolution for your headaches. Take care and hang in there. Hugs, Terry
  7. Did your empty sella show up on your MRI's before or after your pituitary surgery Amy?
  8. Hope all is well. Thanks for the support.

  9. Thanks for the interesting information Mary. I was told by a doctor before my diagnosis (after he looked at my pituitary MRI) that he thought this might have happened to me somewhere along the line. I think my partially empty sella goes along with the conclusion he made on this too.
  10. This is interesting Mary. Is this similar to what Jayne was eventually found to have?
  11. I loved hearing your wonderful accent and voice on the radio show MaryO. I love your sweet southern accent as well Robin. Terry in Rockford IL
  12. Thanks for posting this very interesting and easy to understand information Mary!!!
  13. http://www.abc.net.au/rn/healthreport/stor...007/1969924.htm The obesity epidemic Listen Now - 09072007 |Download Audio - 09072007 A researcher in the United States claims that the reason for the obesity epidemic is more than just the calories we eat and the lack of exercise. It's a substance that food manufacturers are widely using. Show Transcript | Hide Transcript Transcript This transcript was typed from a recording of the program. The ABC cannot guarantee its complete accuracy because of the possibility of mishearing and occasional difficulty in identifying speakers
  14. Thanks for posting this very interesting article Mary.
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