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  1. Friday and Cat Lady, your posts helped a bunch! I looked on my bottle and it says Global Pharm, and they are indeed white and round shaped. They are also labeled with the number 7033. I looked on the Global Pharm website and found Fludrocortisone Acetate with NDC # 7033. Looks like a match! I am starting to think the IC is just a label for a certain class of drugs. Not sure. I am glad I know what I have, and looks like I can't get the patented anyways. Thanks!! Amy
  2. Hi! Thank you for bringing this up. I was actually just reading the other thread yesterday, while doing a search on Florinef. I am a bit confused by the whole thing really! Dr. F prescribed me Florinef. What my insurance gave me was IC Fludrocortisone tablets, which the bottle says is substituted for Florinef Acetate. I looked on the BCBS website and found that Fludrocortisone is a tier one drug (costing $10) as opposed to simply Florinef, which is tier 3 (costing $45). I have a 3 tier system, so BCBS automatically gave me the lower tier drug. What was confusing me is Fludrocortisone vs Fludrocortisone acetate vs Florinef acetate vs Florinef! LOL! I looked on Medsort though and it only gave me the choice of Fludrocortisone acetate or Florinef. Anyways, I am grateful that you guys are sharing the info! :<) Amy
  3. Thanks for the article Brenda! What struck me as really wonderful was that this top neurosurgeon was all for his patient trying the unconventional. I love doctors who understand that there may be more solutions out there then what they were taught.
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