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  1. http://www.webmd.com/news/20000727/womens-...-heart-symptoms Women's Menstrual Cycles May Affect Heart Symptoms WebMD Health NewsReviewed by Gary D. Vogin, MDJuly 27, 2000 -- Add another thing to the list of woes related to women's menstrual periods: Women with heart disease are at greater risk for having chest pains and heart attacks during certain phases of their cycles. At times of the month when less estrogen is circulating in their bloodstreams, these women tend to have worse chest pain, or angina, and to perform more poorly on treadmill tests designed to look for low blood
  2. Trish, Here is a web site http://www.socialsecurity.gov/disability/p...crine-Adult.htm check it out. It tells you how you can qualify for disability. This is form social securtity web site. Medical/Professional Relations -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evidentiary Requirements Listing of Impairments (overview) Disability Evaluation Under Social Security (Blue Book- June 2006) 9.00 Endocrine System - Adult Section 9.00 Endocrine System 9.01 Category of Impairments, End
  3. Yes, you can have both problems adrenals and pituitry cushings at the same time. I have had a tumor on the left side of the pit. but it got so big it disppeared. Then they undiagnoised me with cushings. ( THis is the short version, if you pm me with your email I will go more into detail). Yes, I hate learning a new disease, however atllest I am learning and can no what is going on. It helps me cope to know why I am feeling the way I am. However, when you start having tumors on more than i think 3 or more thru out the endrocrine system you may be looking at MEN I or MEN II ( multiple endocri
  4. When I went up to CC in June only my left adrenal was enlarged without discrete mass. In the clinic letter today they talked about surgery if it was only unilateral. However, per my most recent scan both the right and left adreanal are now enlarged and both without a discrete mass. I have asked to have an MRI and they do not think one needs to be done. This is a great topic. Amanda
  5. Here are my values: Renin Activity 3.5 - ug/L/hr Renin reference range: Upright= 0.8-5.8 Supine= 0.5-1.8 Aldosterone 28.1 ref range 4.5-35.4 ng/dL ( this was a blood test) This was a 24 hour urine Component Your Value Standard Range Flag Aldosterone Urine 19 3-25 ug/24hr Sodium 24 hr 235 40-220 mmol/24hr H Potassium 24 hr 88 30-99 mmol/24hr Yes my BP normally runs high. The past month or so it has been going low. I am in a low right now. Although my tests for cortisol ar
  6. Defintley I have considered a new dr. I found the same info so far. I do have a number of them symptoms. However, they are also signs of cushings, which is what I believe I have. There is one symptom I found in another article, which I DO NOT have. It says one with hyperaldostronism had high levels of aldosttone. However, per recnet labs my values are normal. I think somone is a quack quack quack. However I could be wrong though. I have been know to be wrong before. Thanks for the info. Amanda
  7. I was just diagnoised with this and undiagnoised with cushings. Do you have any more info on this. Because my labs came back as I had normal values of aldosterroe. However, due to blood pressure and the how quickly I cycle I no longer have cushings. I want to find out more about this because they are giving me meds (eplerone) which will make me sick by messing with the sodium and potassium levels. Both of my adrenals are enlargerd seen on x-ray and CT without a discrete mass. Which means they are not sure. They will not do an MRI, and the tumor on the pit. has disappeared. I am not sure where
  8. SOM230 Has it's posatives and negatives. I was approvd for the study and particpated in phase 1 and 2. I then stopped the drug and discontinued the trail. The principal investaigator was Dr. Ludlam and that is how I started seeing him and learning more about cushings. There are side effects to this drug that me and some otheres had, however, they mild and able to be easily treated. The first thing I noticed about the SOM230 (side effect) when I first began the drug, is it makes you really cold. I had the heat up as far as it could go, which was past 90 and tons of blankets on and still could n
  9. There is a lot of research out on cushings. You need to use "Cushings Symdrome" instead of Cushings Disease. John Hopkins I think it is, OHSU in portland OR has great research on this and videos, spine and slull base institute in Pittsburg, Harvord, NIH, NIMH, Mayo, and a number of other sites have resources and information and videos. The dignosis is not really that hard. THe problem is it is rare. Doctors (most) only want to look for what is easy to find. Meaning if you have cough they ASSUME you have a cold, they do not look for lung cancer, if your tired they ASSUME it is somthing lik
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