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  1. why was this woman not informed of the parking attendance ? why was she not told of the closer parking spots... seems the administration has some questions they need to answer. one more pathetic example of how we treat each other. kindness and smiles dont cost a thing. love
  2. thanks for the cool artical mary ! i am still comfused over all this diabetis stuff. i dont have it but i have double the amount of insuline that i should have. dr put me on byetta, the insurance wont cover it cause they say its a preventive medicine. i feel great. better than i have in years. maybe ignorence is bliss. the byetta seems to make eating like it used to be when i was a kid. um... eat and then you get energy. my body responds to when i eat now. eating used to make me so sleepy. now it gives me engery. the byetta makes me feel as if my stomach is bloated and full for hours after i eat too.the insurance wont pay for it unless i take the metformin too. dr thinks its important and is pushing the insurance to cover. thanks again for the articles love
  3. wow. thanks for all the great information....; but, if i dont have cushings then there is not an explaination on that list for what did cause my wieght gain. im an anomily love
  4. i dont know about any of all that .... but.... diet coke hurts my bad kidney so bad. i asked the uroligist why and he says "that stuff is almost straight acid" then he asked me how long after i drink it does it take the kidney to filter it out, i said it was almost instant. he said "why would you put something in your body that your body wants out of there instantly?" love
  5. it was explained to me that (this is contriversial) the midnight salivary test depends on the absolute that the patient rises in the morning and goes to bed in the late evening. example. i get up at 7am. then i go back to bed at 10 am. i then get back up at 2 pm and go back to bed at 2-3 am. i have always been a night owl. in the summer when there is no school i got to bed at 3 am and i get up at 11 AM. the midnight salivary test is not a good diagnostic test for me because i do not naturally follow the basic cortisol paterns of rising in the mid-morning (6-8 am) and going to bed in the evening(10-12 midnight) . midnight salivary tests dont work for anyone who also works second or midnight shifts with there work. cortisol levels are naturally higher and lower depending on the absolute idea of rising in the morning and sleeping in the night. i dont do eather ... never have... my kids are just like me. we perk up in the evenings around 10pm and become most allert, we crash and fall asleep around 3 am naturally. we are weird . but its better than being ordinary. barb
  6. butt butt butt... if we get the thongs we can all show up at our cushings awareness day parade whereing our low cut blue jeans with our "cushings ribbon thongs " hanging out the back. and we can all bend over and moon the capital building at the same time. oh that wont work i forgot. in support of kate and all our other sergery girls we are gonna march on washington in our oversized hospital gowns and our ugly socks. HEY. I KNOW... LETS COMBINE THE TWO . i am sso excited. we can have our oversized hospital gowns and OUR CUSHINGS THONGS. that way when the parade for cushings awareness is over we can all turn and bow. ....... i cant wait for this parade. the mental images are enough to stimulate even the foggiest brain. love barb
  7. http://www.medstudents.com.br/endoc/endoc7.htm i hope the link works. this explains all the tests and the different false positives. lots of information. barb
  8. i wonder why there is no interest in the thong? i personally love to wrap thongs for holiday gifts. it maybe why i dont get invited out much anymore. i think what your doin is great. cant waite to get diagnosed so i can get me a tshirt. lol barb
  9. the article is there for anyone to read. Reader's Digest October 2006 look under health and it will take you there. i emailed it to all the people in my life who beleive i eat to much. all my love barb
  10. i still get and read rd all the time and cant wait to see the article. i would be so nice to show it to my husband and my family and friends. i am a very well loved person but i tell you i just dont think i can strain them with this very much longer. they all love the bubbles me but they all run when they see the me with the rage face coming. i hate rage me.. she is a bitch ... i pray she dont hurt someone someday. please make sure the article gets here ... if i dont see it ill copy paste it on when i get the oct issue. thanks for the heads up barb
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