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  1. Hi, I found this article and wasn't sure if its been posted before. I thought some of you might be interested. I've been told a million times by docs that 20% of the poplulation have pituitary adenomas at autopsy - its interesting to see what the results are after some of them have been analysed! http://www.eje-online.org/cgi/content/full/154/5/753 Caroline x
  2. Great article - if only some of the UK docs would read this stuff. Thanks, Caroline x
  3. This is very sad. I saw a TV programme recently about a man in the Ukraine who also had pituitary gigantism and had never had his tumour operated on. Prof Mike Besser from Barts went to meet him and do some tests, the poor man lived in such a remote area he didn't know that much about his condition or about others with it. It turned out that 'his body had cured itself', as he had had an apoplexy or something and his tumour had expired/was no longer active, and he still seemed to have retained his pit function. I think they were calling him the world's tallest man, and the fact that his body had effectively cured itself was pretty miraculous. Anyway, this lovely lady had sent him a video message with kind words of support that made a huge difference to him, and she was also interviewed for the programme. She did seem to be a truly kind and lovely lady and completely accepting of her condition. Her death is a sad loss as I'm sure she helped to educate people and break down many barriers for others with this debilitating condition. I hope she has found peace. Caroline x
  4. Thanks for posting this Mary, Very interesting - particularly as one of the authors isn't too far away from me and might be worth contacting! It does worry me though that people might still be dismissed after one normal result initially....and they still seem to talk about cyclical being rare. I'm glad they have recommended against the Insulin Tolerance Test for diagnosing cushings - my endo seems to think that my 200nmol rise in cortisol definitively rules out cushings. Perhaps I should send him this article! Love, Caroline x
  5. Hi everyone, Found this today and thought some of you might be interested. Hope this link works: http://www.nature.com/ncpendmet/journal/v3...8326267AC6A34C6 Love, Caroline x
  6. Well I know of someone else who has signed off on that article and has also dismissed the idea of cyclical (for me anyway). So I wonder why they bother putting their names to things that they don't actually follow? Maybe its just a case of wanting their names in the scientific literature as much as possible. Just a way of adding to their all ready oversized egos....meanwhile, lots of us are dismissed and continue to suffer... Yours bitterly, Caroline x PS I can't wait for that new article by Dr F!
  7. This doesn't surprise me at all - especially with the way I have been feeling lately - this topic seems to have come up at a very relevant time for me. I was reading something the other day (can't remember where!!) that was saying that Pituitary patients are often overlooked and don't get the support they deserve because often, they don't 'look' too ill. I'm sure this all adds to the feelings of isolation and despair that seem to go along with this hormonal roller coaster ride. I am glad we can all discuss these things here. It really does help to bring these things out into the open. Thanks guys! Love, Caroline x
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