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  1. Are Guidelines for Glucocorticoid Coverage in Adrenal Insufficiency Currently Followed?: Coralie Leblicq, MD, Dian... http://bit.ly/97fTWG

  2. had a rough day yesterday and had to use her injectable for the first time ever.

    1. missaf


      ooo found out why! Sinus infection and a cold! Ugh.

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  3. Settled in all cozy at the Rotary House. Excited to meet AbbyW tomorrow!!!

  4. Giant piece of NJ just came up with the morning phlegm! Oh, post-op life, how I love you.

  5. Any info on adrenal cancer,thalidomide and mitotane

    1. missaf


      I know Mitotane will actually kill the adrenals, so I'm guessing mutation is possible?

  6. Okay fess up Cushies: how many of you regularly make it to sleep before midnight? You can deduce my answer by the fact that I'm writing this at 1am :)

    1. missaf


      Very rarely. I could be bone dog tired, and sure enough, the evening cortisol ramp up means I wake up with a 2nd wind around 10pm!

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  7. Jetting off to meet the great Dr. McC one week from today :)

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