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    Hi my name is Trish. I joined the boards originally in 2004. Took time off after doctors convinced me I was just fat and dieted and exercised my way to really poor health. I was diagnosed in 2008 and had surgery in Nov. of that year. I don't think I was cured and I am currently testing again.

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  1. Haven't been around much just stopped by to see the new boards. Wow what a change. It will take me a while to learn to navigate them but, the site looks good Mary. Thanks for taking your time to update it.

  2. My first thought was at least he isn't from Transylvania. LOL. Good for your family.
  3. Maybe we are all just body builders in disquise. We should start a contest to see who is strongest with all of our "big muscles" showing off. I agree with the moron assessment you should've ask him which ways more a pound of feathers or a pound of lead. I betcha he would say the lead. A pound is a pound. I really doubt that medical school is as hard as they say.
  4. http://www.springerlink.com/content/u8361471j4484302/ Hypercoagulability in Cushing?s syndrome: the role of specific haemostatic and fibrinolytic markers Journal Endocrine Publisher Humana Press Inc. ISSN 0969-711X (Print) 1559-0100 (Online) Category Original Article DOI 10.1007/s12020-009-9186-y Subject Collection Medicine SpringerLink Date Tuesday, April 21, 2009 Add to marked items Add to shopping cart Add to saved items Permissions & Reprints Recommend this article PDF (194.0 KB)HTMLFree Preview Original Article Hypercoagulability in Cushing?
  5. My mom has been struggling with her weight for years. She has been seeing this heart doctor that is one of the best in our state for over a decade. She just had two heart stints put in last week for a 80% blocked main artery and a 70% blocked secondary. She sees this doctor at least once a year. The first time I met him almost 8 or 9 years ago I told her to find a new doctor he was only focused on her weight being her only problem. If she had had heart problems during a colonoscopy and lucked out by her doctor being out of town who knows when the blockage would have been found. My guess would
  6. LoriJane, the trip to Torrance is worth every single cent. I wish I had gone there on my first trip to LA. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.
  7. Saw him on the news this morning. First thought endocrine.
  8. Ok this is what I have so far. What do you guys think. I just cut and pasted it so try to ignore the highlights etc. I fix those before I print. I am trying to make it easy on the attorney so they can get a quick overview of Cushings. I didn't know to use hypercortisolism to late now. Cushing?s disease Definition Cushing?s disease is a pituitary tumor that releases excessive amounts of cortisol (a steriod). Cortisol is a hormone that controls the sleep/wake cycle, metabolism, immunity, and the relative composition of body between fat/bone and muscle. Cortisol is the hormone that the b
  9. Well I kept telling the man filling out the intial form that I thought Cushings was my trouble but, there is not a category or whatever it is they call that. So he listed obesity and heart problems. I didn't have the Cushings diagnosis then I do now. Since obesity is a major symptom of Cushings along with cognitive problems (short term memory loss per their psychologist) and heart problems I would think a good lawyer could put that together. I hope anyway.
  10. I am trying to compile a few short to the point Cushings articles for a disability appeal. I have decided to use an attorney and would like to take some information on Cushings with me to the appt. I have Vs. article and some others for what Cushings is I really need some that tell the damage it causes in more detail than the basic heart problems, diabetes and infection. I have some that are really long and detailed with various aspects of symptoms but, I think these would be a little to long for the intial appeal. The attorney won't have much time to file the appeal.
  11. Were were you a few days ago when I was trying to find simple articles like that for disability attorney. Thanks for the find.
  12. Excellent interview you did a really good job.
  13. I took it a few years back. I didn't loose any weight with it. I am sure it was Cushings gain looking back now. I joined the class action lawsuit a few years ago and was reimbursed my cost of prescreptions all of about $400. or so. I couldn't find all of my reciepts and my doc didn't keep good notes (or he wouldn't give them to me). I do have heart trouble now and I often wonder if the Fen-Phen made it worse.
  14. Y'all now I will testify to the miraculous benefits of vitamin D3. Shelley I have seen them advertise for it helping seasonal affective disorder which, IMO, is a vitamin D3 deficiency.
  15. Thats the way I read it, also. Both rat groups with cortisol gained but, the sed. rats gained the most. The cortisol exercising rats didn't gain any more fat than the control group. It is saying that we should exercise to keep the high cortisol from turning to fat. I will sign up for there human control group because I know that the opposite is true in me. The more I exercised the fatter I got. Didn't need any lab rat to tell me so either.
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