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  1. Thoughs are some real good ideas Lorri. Also try for the Montell show and even the Tyra Banks show. I know TB is very...idk...teenish, but perhaps trying for her show, we could reach younger people with this info. Perhaps, a teen watching that show would see a girl/guy who looks like they have Cushings, and would send them the info. Adrianne ~ Good idea. However, there is some flack about him not being a real DR...idk. I love the idea however. Awesome idea Nicole!
  2. Thank you for all the information. I've also heard you pee most of it out; like Vitamin C. I sadly do not have an endo yet, but that is a good idea. I take 30 or 50ml of zinc each day; i hate it, zinc makes me feel so sick... Ooo interesting; TY for the info. I take a b-complex; it makes me feel better during the day. Without it; i have no energy... Thank you all for all of your help! *BIG HUGS* Adrianne ~
  3. Howdy y'all! I was looking up "possible" herbal remedies for Cushing's. I was wandering, has anyone tried the herbs listed of this website? http://www.herbchina2000.com/therapies/PCD.shtml [Note: check the price tag. OUCH!] Anyways, i guess my question is; has anyone had any luck with herbs, aromatherapy, etc for Cushing's? If so, what has helped you? Thanks, and I hope you all have a wonderful day! Adrianne ~ BTW, SO FUNNY, they have herbs for dogs and cats with Cushings. Sad folks care more for animals then they do for there fellow human being.
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