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  1. the more nervous I get.. 13 days left before the appointment it's funny .. i wanna know the answer but yet i'm quite afraid of it. .. I'm tired as heck of feeling like i've gone 120 rounds with a mack truck and lost. ..
  2. Ok hoping this is going to get my daughter and myself out of this tangeled mess and on the right path to hope and health.. My old Endo's records are in hand! YaY!!! Although .. I have the results.. from my 2005 tests .. I have no clue on how to read them... I'll post them shortly though.. maybe someone can help me understand them. Also the appointments are made for BOTH of us at the new Endo's office. so off we go.. January 24th to see what we are dealing with. is it a mole hill or is it truly a mountain we have to fight.. everything takes time.. as long as we get answers that are correct is all I care about at this point.. I'm tired of being looked at like I'm a HYPOCONDRIAC!!!! enough is enough aready.. I WANT ANSWERS.
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