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  1. Wow, Cyndie, my mom has an ancient secretary that looks almost exactly like the one in your picture in her hallway. She had it refinished, though, after she had it shipped from her childhood home in CO, so it is probably worthless. Through the internet, I found a long lost cousin, who had done extensive work in geneology and traced our family line back to 1666 when the Spaniards were coming over to colonize Mexico. In fact, our line is thought to have originated with a Franciscan monk. Pretty cool with the Cushing's link. Sheila
  2. My Endo has been very receptive to my conversation about the rhythyms of cortisol and bg/other symptoms, especially as this has been an on-going issue for me post-op with intense exercise. My dd and SIL are scientists/bio-engineer that have worked with nanotechnology, pharmas, and microarrayers. They are pretty busy, but I'm going to try and get their ear. Sheila
  3. Fitz

    Urine Hats

    I prefer a female urinal or the three sided cup that they gave me at Mayo, but now I understand why my mother was unsuccessful in using the female urinal now that you guys spelled it out. I just never connected the dots. Sheila
  4. I'm curious if anyone with a weight gain of 30-40 pounds or less has ever been able to lose the central adipose tissue completely and go back to their pre-Cushing's state. I know I've read bios of people who started out a size 6 and maybe went to a 10-12. I gained at least 55 pounds with each of my pregnancies and was able to lose the abdominal fat. I have pictures of me in a bikini after my first. Just before I read this article, I was looking at my swollen belly and thinking that I still look just as Cushie as before surgery, which was unilateral adrenalectomy Dec. 2007. I hate this. I still look pregnant. I'm considering liposuction after reading that piece. If it si not going to come off, I may as well do it sooner than later. Also, would people mind posting their ages. I'm trying to determine if I'm doomed, as I'm 55yo and was cast into surgical menopause. The BLA suggestion was a good one. After a few more suggestions, someone technically inclined should start a poll. Sorry, but this is a sore point lately. I've been at the gym for hours every week for six months and have not lost any weight, nor any abdominal weight. I look pregnant, and I'm sick of it. I'm going to the Endo in two days, and he will get an earful...Maybe, this is why he told me I wouldn't lose the Cushie stomach last year. Sheila
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