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  1. I hope doctors listen, dont accuse parents of overfeeding, though I am sure that happens in some cases, there are many going UNDIAGNOSED!
  2. The latest on me. You all have to see this...read both posts on lost and found http://cushings.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=35026
  3. Hi Im back.... Poor kid, I hope it is something they can fix. My nephew is 3 years old and 100lbs. That is not good.
  4. Im scared for my nephew who is not even 3 yet and is 67lbs! {he had eye problems too, had to get the surgery to uncross eyes}
  5. That isnt normal. Probably a hypothalymic lesion or Prader Willi.
  6. Ive faced this problem before, I did have some other guy park the car, but that always scares me, having someone else drive car. They dont set up hospitals very easily for the disabled, they are hard to get around, consider that one..you think theyd set up these places so sick people could get easily in and out. If you cant walk, the hospital is one of the worse places to be, now they are better about big wheelchairs for fat people but what if you do if youre there alone? im fortunate to have a husband driving me around..... sigh..I think they should drop the fine, she couldnt have parked in the prpper place.
  7. Victoria---

    I just want you to know that I care---we're all pulling for you---we know you're going through some tough stuff..


  8. Most food today is nauseating chemicals and has all nutrients processed out of it. I bleieve if I could get ahold of some decent food, i would be doing better. I know my health improves in the summer when there is tons of fresh veggies to be had. I found out that even sodium benozate, which they seem to be putting in everything lately turns into scary stuff inside your body. Dont get me started on MSG. I always hated Twinkies even when I was a kid, they were nauseating and the cream left a weird metallic aftertaste in my mouth.
  9. I hate those kind of books, just get rid of your stress. Sure right, send me shoeboxes full of 50s and 100 dollar bills. I was overworked and I know that may have gotten me sick years ago, but I didnt see anyone helping me and the choice was to work to death, or end up on the street. Im not sure if I like pseudo-Cushings being mentioned in your letter either Cherri. people with pseudo- who could be on way to being disagnosed more, suffer enough abuse too. Remember in my case, I have been blamed..."You are fat, that is why you have Pseudo Cushings and PCOS" even though they ignore the evidence which is I was still normal sized when I lost my period for good, and had the first symptons. I guess it was my fault too my thyroid went and all my hair fell out too.
  10. When I was 630lbs I was treated like a monster. Even now I can see the looks and know what they are thinking. When I had that weight gain I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I can tell when Im gaining weight or have higher water, just simply from the disgusted looks on the faces of other people. I know thats sick but I can catch it. When these ice hearted fat haters face the throne of God, they will have lot to answer for.
  11. I nearly died because of this stupidity. More and more I think most doctors are just cold-hearted trust fund brats if they are from America especially who just had the science aptititude in high school and the cash to shell out for medical school. My doctor I have is nice but is from another country. He at least has some compassion. But I was reading one of my old journals and reading about the time in 1997 when I went to get my skin condition looked at...I was broken out in ulcers all over my body. They told me I had SCABIES which is a disease homeless people get due to hygience. I have showered everyday of my life except days Ive had the flu which is about 6 days in the past 10 years. To think of the social and other prejudices that backed up this disgusting diagnosis, I actually YELLED at the doctor who said it.
  12. http://pituitary.mgh.harvard.edu/guest/guest.htm#Log we should post the URL here. Whats with the lady that was diagnosed with PCOS AFTER having a pit tumor found? Her doctor must be nuts!
  13. I have put together a website with all my obesity essays. Its an ezine/support group for those struggling with severe obesity. people on here that dont know me well may find interest in the story regarding the 350lb weight gain. Tell me what you think. I provide a link to this site because I think its one of the best. http://victoria682.tripod.com/thelargestofall/
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