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Miscarriages And Pituitary Tumors

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This article is for those of you who have inquired about Miscarriages and Pit Tumors:




Miscarriages can be prevented by measuring hormones: Study:

[Health India]: London, Nov 2 : Doctors would now be able to predict the risk of a miscarriage in a woman by measuring their hormones, researchers at the University College of London claim.


According to the BBC, researchers have found that women who have lower blood level hormones produced by the placenta face a greater risk of having a miscarriage.


Professor Eric Jauniaux and his team, investigated whether this hormone and others produced by the placenta might be useful markers of early pregnancy loss and are now hpeful that by correcting the cause of these imbalances miscarriages may be prevented.


"If we are able to identify these clear hormone variations early enough, we believe there is a real window of hope for the development of preventative terapies for these patients,"Professor Jauniaux was quoted as saying.


Researchers are also oping that correcting these harmonical imbalances may lead to the development of treatments to prevent recurrent miscarriage as well.(ANI)

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