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Pit Tumor? Near West LA?

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West Los Angeles:  Women With Pituitary Problems Wanted For A Testosterone Study


Purpose: Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone but is also present in smaller amounts and may be important in women. Among its likely actions in women are the building of bone and muscle mass, increase in interest in sex (libido) and effects on the mood. The role of testosterone replacement in women with low testosterone levels is currently being studied. In this study, you will be given an experimental preparation of a testosterone gel which will be applied on the skin of your outer thigh for seven days. It is anticipated that this experimental gel application will produce levels of the drug in the normal range for women. A further aim of this study is to assess whether female patients with dysfunction of the pituitary gland have abnormalities in body composition, muscle strength, thinking and sexual function.

Criteria for subjects:

  • Women ages 18 to 50.
  • Hypopituitarism with documented central adrenal and gonadal deficiencies, on conjugated equine estrogen replacement
  • Serum testosterone level of
  • Written informed consent
  • No other significant medical condition
  • Patients must discontinue their current testosterone replacement

Number of patients-10

Location: King/Drew Medical Center in Willowbrook and UCLA in West Los Angeles

Enrollment Period: Fall 2002

Patient Compensation: $200

For more information or subject referrals contact:


Ted F., M.D., Ph.D. Clinical Director

Telephone (323) 563-9353

Email: mail@goodhormonehealth.com

Fax: (323) 563-9352

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Sciences

1731 E. 120th St.

Los Angeles, California 90059

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