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Some brain (pituitary) tumors may be removed through nose

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Some brain (pituitary) tumors may be removed through the nose






NORFOLK -- Surgeons at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital have teamed up to remove certain brain tumors through a patient's nose.


Some brain tumors, especially those in the pituitary gland, tend to sit right behind the sinus cavities.


Ted Christian said his vision began going blank for a split second as he walked or read. At first he thought he had a vision problem, but when the blank spot lasted longer, he underwent a brain scan that showed the problem was not with his eyes.


The tumor sat right on his pituitary gland in his head, pushing on the optic nerve. While the benign tumor was not cancerous, it had to be removed.


Christian's surgeons recommended the revolutionary technique they were just beginning to perform at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital where they would pull the brain tumor out through his nose.


The traditional method involves cutting under the lip, pulling up the face, and breaking a nose bone so a microscope could be used to see the tumor.


According to a new study by Christian's surgeons at Eastern Virginia Medical School, removing tumors through the through the nose, called "Natural Orifice Surgery" is advantageous.


"There's less pain," said EVMS ear nose and throat surgeon Dr. Joseph Han. "There's less bleeding. People stay less time in the hospital and the difference is dramatic."


Christian's outcome was all that, and he left the hospital less than 24 hours after surgery.


The endoscopic procedure works only for skull-based tumors located around the nasal cavity.


You can watch a surgery take place live on the internet on Thursday on OR-Live.



See the video clip here: http://www.wvec.com/video/index.html?nvid=242184

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