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President Obama asking for your questions

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I'm going to direct you to a post about this with links to how to post on facebook and/or twitter. I definitely don't want to tell you what to say/ask Pres. Obama, but they are going to address the most asked questions on July 1. For more information about this, read here:


http://www.open-health.us/articles/question-president-obama or http://e-patients.net/archives/2009/06/que...dent-obama.html


(OH, and if you'd rather do a video question, they are taking those, too, on youtube!)



I postedon FB for those of you who read there, and here is what I put on twitter: http://twitter.com/staticnrg/status/2380234745


Pres. Obama, will #hcreform support my right to convenient, digital access and use of #myhealthdata ? #WHHCQ




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