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Any Alternative cures to cushings

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I've been reading a lot about alternative methods for treating and potentially curing cushings without surgery or medication but its hard to believe that meditation, herbs and channeling energy can really destroy tumors especially the ones many of us deal with for years. I was watching a discovery health program about chakras in India and the Sahasrara Crown Chakra is the equivalent to the pituitary gland. I found this really cool link that supposedly heals that chakra (http://link-exchange-link.com/healing/?p=1711) through the use of sound. It kind of made me relax while watching the video.


On another note, My brother used to live in China and he said he received some of the best health-care while living there not only from doctors but from alternative medicine like herbs and acupuncture. I haven't yet been diagnosed with cushings and am going to see DR. F soon but the pessimist in me needs to have a back of plan even if that means traveling to the ends of the earth for a cure. Has anybody out there every tried any alternative methods to treat cushings?

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