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Buffalo hump/ moon face?

Guest Sb2021


Hi I recently became aware of my possible buffalo hump after xrays of my neck were normal except for a fat pad at the base of my neck. After reading of some of the symptoms of Cushings it was a light bulb moment with so many symptoms being similar to what I’m going through. I have extra fat in my sternal notch as well, looking at these pictures do I have a moon face, etc. I’m waiting for the results of my 24 hour urine test. Thought I would ask to see what you all thought. Thanks for your help.




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You do look like you have a buffalo hump and perhaps some fullness in your face.  It is always helpful to have before and after photo’s showing the difference which is usually quite drastic in Cushing’s patients.  Having the Urine test is a good start, just know that it takes many diagnostic tests to make a diagnosis.  The most common tests to start with are the Cortisol Urine, Late night Cortisol Saliva, and the Low dose Dexamethasone suppression test.  Serum Cortisol and ACTH should be drawn at the same time usually around 8am.  Please advocate for yourself and do not give up.

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  • Chief Cushie
On 10/11/2020 at 11:36 PM, Guest SB2021 said:

Thanks so much for your help. I just doubt and wonder if the hump is due to being over weight. I will definitely keep pursuing. Thanks for the information!

Generally overweight people have weight everywhere and don't get a buffalo hump.  Please don't give up!  I know it's hard to get a diagnosis but definitely worthwhile.

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