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Guest Donkey


Guest Donkey

Hello good people. Bear with me. 🐻

So i think I maybe have Cushings. For 3 years now I have been feeling tired, with muscle and joint pain, fatigue.also diabetes insipidus ( I think, excessive thirst and urination) and excessive brusing on legs.  My period stoped for a year or so after the pill. That's when I started looking for a couse. My doctor gave me metformin for my period wich helped as my period was back and regular.  Also I noticed circulation problems. Have been reading a lot about Cushings and I have almost all sympoms except striae and I'm not entirely overweight but I gained 15kg in a few months. Also I think I have a small hump that is visible sometimes less sometimes more.  My weigh is oscilating from time to time as are my symptoms. I asked my doctor about Cushings and he says that he doubts its Cushings as I'm not obese and don't have striae.  I've been reading a lot about cyclical Cushings and I'm about to do 24h urine and supression test. I also have PCOS but mild. And hypothyoridism. Could you give me advice on when is the best time for testing. And if I have to stop taking metformin before doing those tests. Before, when testing cortisol in serum I usully went when feeling really bad and my cortisol was elevated but not enaugh for my doctor to call it anything other then stress. 


Thanks so much. Hope you understood this gibberish of mine. Excuse my English. Not a native speaker. 👌🤗 

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  • Chief Cushie

Donkey, I am so sorry to read all that you've been through.  Getting a Cushing's diagnosis is the worst, especially when doctors don't believe us.

You didn't know what kind of doctor you have that doubts you have Cushing's but it sounds like you need another.  Your best choice would be an endocrinologist who has had other Cushing's patients.

Even though you aren't obese with striae...not every person has every symptom.  The only way to diagnose Cushing's is with testing, not by a list of symptoms.

Best of luck to you.  I hope you keep us posted on your progress!

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