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Adult child with Cushing's?

Guest Mom


Guest Mom

Hi, It's important to respect mother/adult child boundaries, and I am careful about how I interact with my beautiful daughter so that she does not think I am criticizing her, but I'm very worried.   She is presenting what is listed as classic Cushing's symptoms. We have a family history of pituitary problems.  Do you have suggestions about how I can encourage her to see a doctor specifically about this?  Thank you for letting me post this question.  It feels very lonely to watch her health deteriorate.

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  • Chief Cushie

Wow, that's tough but thank you for being a concerned mom. 

Does she know your family history?  Maybe talking about that would be a way in to discus symptoms and so on.

Is she aware/concerned about any of the symptoms she's dealing with?

If she doesn't live at home, perhaps she's already seeking medical attention but hasn't shared that with you to keep you from worrying.

Please keep us posted on how this goes.

Best of luck!

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