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"Remission" Prednisone usage?

Guest Hinna


Guest Hinna

I was diagnosed with an ACTH secreting tumor in 2008. I had my first surgery in 2008, had a reoccurrence and had my second surgery on 2010. Knock of wood my tests have been stable since. The surgeon took too much of my pituitary so i do not have any pituitary function, but ACTH is the only hormone that shows up on the low end of normal every time. The doctors think I might have residual tumor left that is dormant. I have had a bad sinus/tonsil infection for the past three weeks and my ENT is adamant about me taking one week of prednisone 10mg. I am waiting to hear back from my endocrinologist who has been amazing and following me since 2013 but is not a cushings specialist. Anyone have any knowledge or opinions about this? My throat is killing me and I want it go away asap but I do not want it to wake up whatever is sleeping

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