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Help Get the Word Out - Share Your Experiences with Cushing's

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  • Chief Cushie

The popular website "How Stuff Work"s is doing a survey of all kinds of diseases and Cushing's is one of them!

Share your information and help get the word out to the world in general.

(I'm MaryO there, too and I shared about my pituitary surgery and its aftermath.  I hope this info helps someone else like these boards and related websites have)

The questionnaire is here:  https://stuff.health/s/u0A9djA5

Together, we’ll figure out which treatments work best for Cushing's syndrome.

Screen Shot 2022-05-03 at 3.53.17 AM.png

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  • Chief Cushie

Let’s keep the ball rolling: the more members in the community, the smarter the insights. We're about 1,468 contributors away from being able to tell which treatments were reported to work better for different subgroups with common aspects. You can help get there by simply inviting others! Every invite posted adds about 10 new members to this community. Together, we have the power to build the largest real-world knowledge-base for Cushing's syndrome

Take the survey: https://stuff.health/s/uyZ91Lzz 

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