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Guest Lynn in Va

Please see CUSH STORE for information on candles. ?For every candle and lid/tray set sold, Sherri will donate $3.00 to our organization. ?These are CAPE COD CANDLES that burn for approximately 30 hours and smell great. ?They come in 9 different scents and colors. ?Please help support CUSH!!!!!


If you are looking for something to buy for a special person for VALENTINE'S DAY/EASTER, then this it it.  Thanks for your support :t:

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Guest arlene

HI sweet Lynn,

  I sent you an email so please read it as i wish to buy a candle ok? If not possible to send overseas just choose one and send it to one of my dear friends here ok? great idea by the way...

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  • Chief Cushie

Isn't it a fantastic idea, Arlene?


I think it's wonderful that Lynn and Sherri cooked up this idea and that Sherri is donating all this money to CUSH.  Like Sue has said, "someday we'll move mountains" - or something similar :(


Sorry, Sue, for misquoting you!

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  • Chief Cushie

It's not too late to order a candle for your Secret Someone...

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