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the road to getting back up from cushieness

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its been a while

I had to post because so much time has passed. Its crazy to think I'm 21 years old now, and when I was 14 I thought I was dying. Here I am, a pre-nursing student ready to tackle the medicine field with great passion to help others who went through I went through. I hope to help people suffering from their confusion, and self deprivation due to hypercortisol secretion, stress, exhaustion, and sadness. I am so ready to support others, and heal others Im so thankful I survived.



A shower

well as we know the symptoms of cushings are really what the disease is all about. besides not feeling like a girl or anything, all the anxiety and depression really sets in and ruins your life. Today was my first full day or being on the most recent wean. Im now down to 40 mg a day, and a bad day it was. I can expect my wednesdays to be pretty rough. I was a lump in bed all morning and got pretty pissy with my sisters. I cried at lunch as usual when my moods act up. the really weird weather did



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