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Day 2



I've been feeling really run down today, my sore throat has gotten worse, so I have been dosing myself up with strepsils and annadin extra, feeling very tired. Harry and Steve gave me my birthday cards early which was lovely, Harry opened both of them for me and gave me a big kiss. Can't believe I am going to be 33 tomorrow. I am not doing anything on my birthday and like most of my previous birthdays it will probably be like any other day, but I don't mind. I think as you get older birthdays are less important but having Harry and Steve with me are what makes it special. Steve has spent the day putting up a new door in our living room. We brought one with etching on it which is really pretty, beats the old 1930's door we had and it has a lower door handle for Harry to open. Steve has been cursing like anything as it was the wrong size! so he has had to use his limited carpentry skills to adjust it!! Harry was laughing at him as he got covered with sawdust! We've just been watching tennis - McEnroe and Ivanisivic which was fun. Can't wait for Wimbledon.Well, thats it for me for today...


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