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Sunday Again



Here it is another sunday and I'm just laying around. I have so much to do, but no energy to get up and do them. I went out to dinner and to a BBW social event last night with a girl friend L. It was fun, but she had made plans to meet with a man, so I was on my own once he showed up, but got to see some old friends. I did go see my sister, she slept most of the time and I talked to my brother-in-law for most of the visit. When she first got sick I asked why her, she of anyone I know just don't deserve this. We don't know the answers, maybe when we meet up again on the other side the answer will be shown to us. There is really not much to say, just trust and pray that there is minium pain and the end will be peaceful. I wonder if my inabilty to do anything, and the pain is a result of depression or if the depression is a result of not doing anything. Both are getting worse. I've been trying to vacumn and mop the downstairs for 2 weeks, and just can't get it done. It takes me a day to do laundry and another day to get it all upstairs. A day to unload the dishwasher. I used to work 2 jobs, cook and clean every day, swim laps and clean the pool, read and do my art in my spare time. Now I work 1 job, grab take out or microwave a healthy choice, and go to bed. I'm tired of this. The cats are on the porch enjoying the sunshine, think I'll go out and sketch them.


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