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Monday, at least it's not raining



Darn! Darn,! Darn! I just spent 20 minutes typing and accidently wiped it out. Now I have to start over again. It's Monday and I'm at work, there is no work in-house today and I'm boOOooored. I have already looked at all my surf sites, even my favorite cat sites. MeanKitty.com and MyCatHatesyou.com. If you appreciate the feline superiority you should check these out. Another thing to do at work when you are bored is go to Goggle, type in someone's address and go to google's map and look at the address in their satellite view. Not very exciting but something to make the time pass. My daughter called last night, and talked and talked. I know she's lonely there in Tampa when all her family and friends are here in Atlanta. There were 2 music festivals in Atlanta this past weekend. She has a boyfriend who sings in a group and it seems that her boyfriend's groups is doing pretty good. The sang for one of the music fest, in the Georgia Dome on Saturday. I know she would have loved to been there. I have a 16 year old cat, this morning I looked at her and realized just how fragile she seems. She has been such a special friend through the years. Pets, they add so much to our lives. Last week I started keeping a log, every day, about my various aches and pain and general discomfort. Giving them a rating of 1 to 10. With 1 being "feeling like dancing" and 10 being "shoot Me, put me out of my misery!" After a day is over I tend to forget how I felt, this way I can show the doctor just how every day is and not just a general "I feel like P##p". I read on people's posting about all the tests they have had and I realize just how sub-standard my care has been. The first endo did one UCF and didn't even examine me, the 2nd at least did the salivary tests, which came back high but discounted them as a fluke. That's IT! That was all the testing until I found my 3rd doctor. She was about to start on some very intense testing when I was accepted to NIH.


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