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Testing, Testing...1,2,3...!



Well, just come back from all of my 3 appointments and I am shattered. Dietician couldn't tell me much more than I already know. She thinks the steroids are what is suppressing my weight...contradicts what the endo said...other than that she said I am eating OK, diabetes is under control, could only suggest smaller portion sizes and adding fruit...next appointment with the GP, he wants me to stay off the statin for lowering my cholestoral, it probably doesn't agree with me and he agrees that my cholestoral isn't that high to be concerned about at 5.2...he thinks the exhaustion is down to the weaning but they are checking my thyroid just in case, so I went for some bloods too. Just had a message on my answer phone to say my work have received my resignation letter and will waive the notice. I am so sad, I just want to get the ball rolling now on the bankruptcy and start afresh...just hate the fact that it costs so much to go bankrupt. Steve and I have to find ?920 fo rboth of us, utter madness...the whole point of bankruptcy is you have no money! yet they expect you to pay a small fortune to do it. I could just do without the stress right now.Fantastic news though that brightened up my day, I had an email from Liz's friend Krishna and she is out of surgery and fine. I am so happy and have posted a note in the good news forum. Please send your good wishes to a very special lady.


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